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Resilience, teamwork, and leadership are some of the key qualities of a high performance team. The most successful businesses and organisations offer a workplace culture that facilitates high performance, which leads to better idea sharing and employee development. The High Performance Speakers Agency is the UK’s leading bureau for high performance speakers, experts who have dedicated their careers to understanding exactly what it takes to succeed. See our diverse selection then contact a booking agent to secure your speaker on high performance.

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Featured High Performance Speakers

Clive Woodward

Former England Head Coach, Director of Sport for Apex2100, & Sports Pundit for ITV Sport

Scotty Mills

Highest Ranking Black Officer in the History of the Royal Marines & Performance Expert Trusted by Gareth Southgate

Matthew Syed

Founder of Matthew Syed Consulting, Journalist for The Times & 11 x Best-Selling Author

Jo Salter

Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC, Appointed MBE in the New Year Honours, & Received an Honorary Doctorate from Bournemouth University

Nicky Moffat

Highest-Ranked Woman in the British Army, Founder of What Good Looks Like, & Awarded a CBE at the New Year's Honours for her services to the Army

Damian Hughes

Owner of LiquidThinker Ltd & Former HR Director of Unilever

How Do I Hire a High Performance Speaker?

The easiest way to hire a high performance speaker is through a speaking agency, like The High Performance Speakers Agency. Our team of expert booking agents and administrators will manage every stage of the hiring process, from the initial consultation through to the day of your event. By choosing our booking agency, you will benefit from our decades of industry experience and diverse network of high performance speakers. To hire a high performance speaker, contact one of our booking agents by calling 0203 0070 319, emailing or filling out our online contact form!

Why is High Performance Important in Business?

In business, career development is often more important than finding the perfect hire, first time around. A high performance speaker will teach your team the value of strong leadership and teamwork, as well as mental resilience. The result? You will see better performance, productivity and a stronger sense of unity and cohesion within your workplace. Transform your workplace culture from the inside, by investing in a high performance speaker – with a high performance speaker typically costing between £1000 to £50,000.

Who are the Best High Performance Speakers to Hire?

The best high performance speakers are individuals who have experienced the highs and lows of life – whether that be in business, sports or the military. These speakers understand the positive impact a high performance mindset can have on an organisation and understand the steps needed to transform your workplace culture. We take pride in the outstanding high performance speakers we have available for hire; they are the best in the business.

If you are in need of help choosing the best high performance speaker for your next event, take a look at our official list of the Top Trending High Performance Guest Speakers to Hire in the UK to help you find the best fit!

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of UK employees' time is spent working in a team.
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of managers are ‘unhappy’ with traditional performance reviews.
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of employees leave their workplace due to boredom.
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of employees are praised less than once a week.

There are countless statistics that prove the importance of leadership and teamwork, as well as highlighting the damaging effects of an unhappy workforce. We have compiled some of the most compelling statistics on high performance, each reflecting the vital role employee development and strong team values play in corporate success.

Key Dates For 2024

International Leadership Day – November 18th

International Leadership Day is celebrated on November 18th every year. The event was created to highlight the values of good leaders and the important role that leaders play in business. Leaders are responsible for the personal development of their employees, so high-performance speakers are hired to teach leaders how to facilitate professional growth.

Learning at Work Week – May 13th to 19th

Learning at work week, which takes place from the 13th to the 19th of May 2024, is an opportunity for people everywhere to invest in their learning and development. High-performance speakers are booked for Learning at Work Week events to teach audiences how to take advantage of the learning opportunities all around them.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day – December 4th

On the 4th of December every year, organisations around the world celebrate Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day. High performance is made possible thanks to teamwork, the spark that ignites employees’ passion and productivity. Celebrate this special event by booking a high-performance speaker for your corporate event.