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The Top Trending High Performance Guest Speakers to Hire in the UK in 2024

High performance can be described as the ability to succeed above and beyond standard norms over the long term, according to world-renowned high performance coach Brendon Burchard. High performing individuals are often characterised by having clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. These attributes enable them to maintain their full potential and stand out as highly successful individuals.

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Why is High Performance Important in the Workplace?

For organisations to build sustainable growth, a culture of high performance is a necessity. A poll by Gallup revealed that a high performance culture reduced employee turnover by 59% and plays a critical role in achieving business goals and increasing profitability and employee satisfaction. Establishing a high performance work culture has also been cited as a powerful competitive advantage in the dynamic business world.

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How Can High Performance Be Achieved?

In the workplace, high performance can be achieved by creating a culture that fosters a sound employee value proposition. This includes providing employees with a clear vision and the tools to achieve the company’s objectives, as well as establishing shared values, embedding a continuous improvement mindset, offering work-life balance, and motivating team members. To succeed in building a high performance culture, leaders must adopt a people-driven and value-driven approach rather than a profit or results-focused attitude.

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Why Hire a High Performance Speaker?

In increasingly turbulent economic times, sustainable growth and competitive advantage are more vital than ever. Fostering a high performance culture is a robust way to ensure profitability and long-term gain. Our high performance speakers have all achieved great success in their disciplines. With decades of experience, they have accumulated valuable expertise, which they now share in speaking engagements.

Top High Performance Speakers to Hire:

Christian Horner

Christian Horner is renowned for his role as Team Principle of Red Bull Formula One. Epitomising high performance, he won 11 world titles throughout his illustrious career. Operating in high-pressure environments, Christian’s resilience, focus and dedication to the high-intensity sport are second to none.

In a sport where every second counts, Christian’s iron-clad mindset and skill saw him become the youngest principal of Red Bull Formula One. He was also appointed OBE in 2013 for services to motorsport. In his speaking presentations, he reflects on his career highlights, delving into his techniques for coping with pressure, maximising success and achieving peak performance.

Official Testimonial for Christian Horner:

“It went really well thanks – it’ll be played out tomorrow and there’s already a lot of excitement from people.” – Darren, Colt

Sir Dave Brailsford

Sir Dave Brailsford is credited with elevating the British Cycling team into a dominant one on the world stage, using the pioneering marginal gains philosophy. Formerly the Performance Director of British Cycling, he has established himself as a thought leader on high performance with his ground-breaking sporting transformations.

Highly sought after by struggling sports teams, Dave’s ability to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary has received international attention, not least in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, where two of his cyclists earned gold medals. In recognition of his coaching genius, he was knighted in 2012 and inducted into the British Cycling Hall of Fame in 2016. When booked for speaking engagements, he reveals his method for achieving sustainable success.

Official Testimonial for Sir Dave Brailsford:

“David was excellent” – Association of Convenience Stores

Dr Rana Al-Falaki

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki is a distinguished optimal performance strategist with vast expertise in high performance, mental health, and wellbeing. She is the Founding CEO of Light Changes Coaching, which provides clients with the tools and techniques to become the optimal version of themselves.

Embedding a continuous improvement mindset in her clients, Rana helps them achieve sustainable growth. She also shares her cutting-edge insights on high performance in her bestselling book Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced and Fulfilled Life. Regularly booked by notable organisations, including Google, Amazon and Johnson & Johnson, Rana is a prized high performance speaker to hire.

Official Testimonial for Dr Rana Al-Falaki:

“Rana has always excelled in every aspect of her diverse background due to her fantastic work ethic, enthusiasm and compassion. Her knowledge together with intuition places her in the perfect position to inspire and help others to achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.” – Peri, Dental Surgeon

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward has achieved legendary status with his illustrious rugby career, which saw him earn 21 caps and spearhead England’s epic victory in the 2003 World Cup. With a distinguished sporting record, he has held many notable roles, including England Rugby Head Coach, Director of Sports for the British Olympic Association and Sports Pundit at ITV.

Amassing over four decades of experience in competitive sports, Clive is a respected authority in high performance. In his speaking sessions, he shares anecdotes from his time as an elite athlete, exploring topics such as mental resilience, coping under pressure, winning culture, and continuous learning. Translating his sporting knowledge of high performance into the workplace, Clive equips organisations with the tools to foster a high performance culture.

Official Testimonial for Sir Clive Woodward:

“In short he was a true pro; polite, charming, punctual, attentive and organised. His presentation was on point and he WOWED the audience – he happily attended the dinner and helped hand out the awards.” – Roebuck Productions

Debra Searle

Debra Searle is famed as the explorer who led an all-female traverse of Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle, an impressive feat highlighting her ability to influence and lead teams. A high performing individual, who has officially been named among the three best motivational speakers in the world, her ability to achieve seemingly impossible goals saw her conquer the Atlantic Ocean, solo, in 111 days.

Other inspirational achievements include gaining a gold medal at the European Dragon Boat Championship for GB and finishing the L’Etape du Tour bike race. In acknowledgement of her extraordinary feats, she was honoured with an MVO from the Queen and appointed as the Youngest Ever Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Battling isolation, fatigue and poor weather on her adventures, Debra teaches audiences how to build a high performance mindset.

Official Testimonial for Debra Searle:

“I thought she was fantastic and brought in some really useful tools to use when choosing your mindset and facing challenges. She has such an inspiring story, great to hear all the details first hand. We’ve been getting great feedback all day, she was very well received.” – Yee, Deloitte

Dr Jo Salter

Dr. Jo Salter transcended traditional boundaries to become the first female fast jet pilot in the RAF. As an elite pilot, she flew the Panavia Tornado, travelling at mind-boggling speeds during her service, a feat that required an unshakable mindset, courage, and the ability to thrive under pressure.

After excelling in the Air Force, Jo took her expertise in high performance to the world of consulting, where she became Director of Global Transformative Leadership at PwC. A female empowerment icon, Jo’s intrepid behaviour in the RAF saw her named one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in the World by Harpers and Queen and appointed MBE for services to aviation. A thought leader in high performance, hire Jo Salter now!

Official Testimonial for Dr Jo Salter:

“Great energy, uplifting and motivational style. Came across as passionate and enthusiastic with presentation skills. Managed the whole session without any slides.” – Tejas, Global Supply Manager, British American Tobacco

Martin Robert Hall

Martin Robert Hall is Head of Sports Psychology at Sports Science Innovations. Renowned as the Underwater Hockey Coach for Team GB, his ability to link high performance in sports with the business world has garnered him an eminent reputation as one of the leading mindset coaches.

In recognition of his pioneering high performance coaching, he was praised by Sir Alex Ferguson. Now he is highly sought-after by leaders in industries ranging from healthcare to retail, seeking to gain his wisdom on high performance cultures. In his speaking engagements, he captivates audiences with his knowledge of developing elite mindsets, maximising potential and peak-performing teams.

Official Testimonial for Martin Robert Hall:

“Thought-provoking, challenging and with an abundance of tools for people to take away. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin.” – Matthew, Head of Corporate, Zurich Insurance Plc

Nicky Moffat

Nicky Moffat embodies high performance, working her way up the military hierarchy in a male-dominated environment to become the highest-ranked woman in the British Army. Over her 27-year career with the Armed Forces, Nicky has held multiple senior roles, including Private Secretary to the Secretary of the State of Defence, Director of Personnel Capability and Head of Pay and Strategic Manning at the Armed Forces.

To thrive in such prominent roles, Nicky had to unlock the secrets to high performance and learn to perform to a high standard in high-pressure situations. These are skills she now teaches as a highly demanded Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach. In recognition of her distinguished military career, she was appointed CBE in 2012. A popular high performance speaker to hire, Nicky delivers a masterclass in resilience, growth mindset, and peak performance.

Official Testimonial for Nicky Moffat:

“We booked Nicky to talk at our ‘women in road’ network event. Nicky gave a fantastic talk and really connected with her audience who found her both interesting and thought provoking. She was a great success and feedback after the event was all positive – they loved her!” – Emma, The AA

Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes is a world-renowned expert on high performance. Founder of LiquidThinker, a consultancy at the forefront of cultural change and employee engagement, he has advised notable organisations such as the Scotland Rugby Union, Canberra Rangers, Unilever, Mars, McDonald’s, and the NHS. He is also the co-host of The High Performance Podcast, which features notable guests who have excelled in their lives.

A preeminent authority on high performance, Damian has written nine bestselling books, including The Winning Mindset, How to Change Absolutely Anything and High Performance. He is also a Visiting Professor in Organisational Behaviour and Change at The Manchester Metropolitan University. Covering topics such as sustaining success, winning mindsets, and unlocking the DNA of a high performing culture, Damian is a highly prized speaker to hire.

Official Testimonial for Damian Hughes:

“As someone that have achieved many of my own personal goals and experienced the satisfaction from doing so, I would recommend that you adopt the lessons and techniques, which are captured in this excellent book, to greatly assist you in achieving your own ambitions. Go ahead. Take the plunge and become a fellow liquid thinker” – Sir Richard Branson

Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi is a highly influential figure in the high performance circuit, boasting clients such as Coca-Cola, English Premier League football clubs, Emirate Airlines, and a host of elite athletes in golf, Formula One and cricket. He caused waves in the industry with his appointment as the first-ever official psychologist of the European Ryder Cup Team, a testament to his credentials as a leading high-performance coach.

Often appearing on prominent platforms, including TEDx Talks and The Diary Of A CEO, Jamil regularly disseminates his wisdom in high performance. He is also the author of The Mind Coach: Be The Person You Really Want to Be. In acknowledgement of his illustrious coaching skills, he was named among the Most Influential Figures in British Sport and the Top 100 Most Powerful Men in Golf. In his speaking presentations, he delves into changing mindsets, motivation, and peak performance.

Official Testimonial for Jamil Qureshi:

“A massive hit. A masterful balance of humour & rich content.” – Emirates Airlines

Neil Martin

Neil Martin is highly regarded in the field of high performance for his accomplished role as the former Team Leader of Operational Research for McLaren Racing. Ingeniously using data for competitive advantage, he helped the McLaren team grow by making continuous improvements to their processes. Pioneering a robust method for high performance, he later served as Head of Strategic Operations for Red Bull Racing and Head of Strategy for Ferrari.

Credited with Red Bull Racing’s 2009 historic win at the Chinese Grand Prix, Neil has since transformed his cutting-edge method for optimal performance to the corporate world as Director of Random Logic Limited. Now sharing his ground-breaking insights into marginal gains, performing under pressure and psychological safety, he is a captivating speaker to hire.

Official Testimonial for Neil Martin:

“Neil’s enthusiasm and ability to impart his knowledge in a relatively short space of time is just one of the things that sets him apart. If you need training on social media, Neil is your man! Highly recommend.” – Adam, Co-Founder, Apple Property Group

Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed’s high performance mindset saw him perform as an elite table tennis player for over a decade. Dominating at number one throughout his remarkable sporting career, Matthew represented Team GB at the 1992 and 2000 Olympic Games. After retiring, he served as a Journalist for The Times before founding Matthew Syed Consulting to share his world-class knowledge on high performance.

Rising to prominence as a high-performance coach, Matthew has delivered impactful presentations at TEDx and appeared on The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett. He is also an 11-time bestselling author known for Rebel Ideas, Black Box Thinking and Bounce. Highly articulate, Matthew explores topics such as boosting performance and growth mindset, leaving audiences with valuable takeaways.

Official Testimonial for Matthew Syed:

“A wonderful speech delivered to 100 senior executives. Matthew’s messages are powerful and thought-provoking – and they have become central to the strategy of our business.” – Norman, HR Director, Morrisons

James King

James King is the international bestselling author of Accelerating Excellence. Supporting organisations, government institutions and athletes in achieving excellence, he has established himself as an authority on high performance. Delivering tangible results for his clients, James’s profound expertise saw him present MBA programmes at the University of Oxford and Harvard University.

Offering audiences original perspectives on achieving potential and mental resilience, his approach to high performance is backed by a cutting-edge principle-based methodology. An exceptional orator, James delivers high-energy presentations on strategy, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Official Testimonial for James King:

“James King knows what it takes to make people excel! You can’t afford not to know what he’s teaching. How to progress will become very clear, very fast, and very exciting. James shows you the tools, they hit your brain, it clicks, you transform, and results follow.” – Mens Health

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