Leadership Speakers

A disinterested or unmotivated leader can be detrimental to the performance of their employees. Without good leadership, workplaces can lose direction and waste valuable time and resources. As only 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as ‘high quality,’ more must be done to improve leadership in business and therefore, improve employee performance.

Leadership speakers are regularly hired for corporate events to engage, inspire and motivate senior leadership. They share their top tips for communication and team cohesion, essential skills of a good leader. Each member of a team plays a vital part in the overall success of an organisation, so leadership speakers are booked to discuss the many vital roles in business.

Christian Horner

Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, Former Professional Racer, & Appointed OBE in the 2013 Birthday Honours

Gary Foote

Chief Information Officer at MoneyGram Haas F1 Team, Fellow of the British Computing Society & Recognised as One of the Top 100 CIO's in the UK

Jo Salter

Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC, Appointed MBE in the New Year Honours, & Received an Honorary Doctorate from Bournemouth University

JP Pawliw-Fry

Co-Founder & President of the Institute for Health & Human Potential (IHHP), New York Times Best-Selling Author, & Host of the ‘Last 8% Morning’ Podcast

Martin Robert Hall

Award-Winning Leadership, High Performance, and Mindset Coach, Great Britain Underwater Hockey Team Coach, & Author of Three Best-Selling Books

Nicky Moffat

Highest-Ranked Woman in the British Army, Founder of What Good Looks Like, & Awarded a CBE at the New Year's Honours for her services to the Army

Rasmus Ankersen

Chief Executive Officer of Sport Republic, Former Chairman of FC Midtjylland & Author of The Gold Mine Effect

Stephen McDonnell

Global Managing Director at Live Unbound, Adjunct Lecturer at Munster Technological University & Ambassador of One Young World

Tim Collins

Former British Military Officer, Chairman of Pinpoint Corporate Services, & Appointed as OBE for his Respected Role in the Iraq Wars

International Leadership Day takes place on November 18th every year. It was created to recognise the different qualities that make a good leader, including well-being awareness, ideas sharing, communication, and inclusion.  Leadership speakers are regularly hired for International Leadership Day events to share their personal journeys, starting in entry-level positions and growing into management roles. Audiences come away inspired to develop their own skills and become better leaders.