Marginal Gains Speakers

Marginal gains theory is the idea that 1% incremental improvements can lead to better performance. It was created by Dave Brailsford, who was hired as British cycling’s performance director. Dave took the underperforming team and turned them into sporting giants, an achievement that reflects the power of marginal gains. Today, businesses across the world apply this technique for optimum performance and personal development.

Marginal gains speakers are hired to explore the scientific, psychological and anecdotal evidence behind marginal gains. They leave audiences with newfound knowledge of marginal gains, which they can then apply to their everyday lives. Your team will see improved well-being and productivity, thanks to Dave Brailsford’s ground-breaking approach.

Clive Woodward

Former England Head Coach, Director of Sport for Apex2100, & Sports Pundit for ITV Sport

Dan Hunt

Former Sports Director for Team Sky & Performance Director of GB Snowsport

Marc Priestley

Former Pit Stop Mechanic for McLaren & Presenter of Wheeler Dealers

Roz Savage

The First Woman to Row Solo Across Three Oceans – the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean & the Pacific Ocean

Marginal gains theory is all about incremental improvements, which often rely on new and innovative learning opportunities. Learning at Work Week, which will take place from the 13th to the 19th of May, is an annual reminder to factor education into our everyday lives. Personal development is key to improving performance, as it encourages people to research the very latest advancements in their respective industries, to stay ahead of the curve. Marginal gains speakers are perfect additions to Learning at Work Week events, as they share the same mindset: personal development leads to higher performance.