Michael Easter

Author of the NYT Bestseller "The Comfort Crisis" & Professor at UNLV

  • Founder of 2% with Michael Easter
  • Author of  “Scarcity Brain” and “The Comfort Crisis”
  • Co-Director of the UNLV Public Communication Initiative

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The Comfort Crisis
The Comfort Crisis
Scarcity Brain
Scarcity Brain

Michael Easter, a New York Times Bestselling author, has made significant strides in helping individuals worldwide optimise their lives. With a genuine passion for research coupled with an appetite for adventure, Michael has navigated through some of the world’s most hazardous environments, including war-torn areas, the icy expanses of the Arctic, and the dense Bolivian jungles. His adventures are not just for thrill but are integral to his research and understanding of human resilience and performance under extreme conditions. As the Founder of 2% with Michael Easter, he curates a revolutionary newsletter, sharing insights and strategies on better living, drawn from his extensive explorations and experiences.

Michael’s literary contributions, notably “Scarcity Brain” and “The Comfort Crisis,” are pivotal to his reputation as an expert in peak performance and mental resilience. These publications delve deep into the psychology and physiology of human potential, offering readers a blueprint for transcending their limitations. Michael views his books as foundational texts, akin to a bible in his field, while his newsletter acts as a weekly sermon, delivering timely and transformative messages to his audience. His work encapsulates a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, encouraging readers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the challenges that lead to growth and optimisation.

Michael’s educational background, with a BA from Wheaton College of Massachusetts and an MA from New York University, laid the groundwork for his illustrious career. His tenure in the editorial departments of Esquire Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine, combined with his academic roles as a Professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Co-Director of the UNLV Public Communication Initiative, underscore his multifaceted expertise. These positions have not only honed his skills as a communicator but have also amplified his impact, allowing him to share his knowledge and experiences with a broader audience.

As a keynote speaker, Michael Easter stands out for his ability to translate complex research into actionable insights. Having interviewed a wide array of experts, including Nobel laureates and elite athletes, he distils science-backed strategies for enhancing life’s quality. His speeches are not only informative but are imbued with the wisdom gleaned from his extraordinary adventures and rigorous research. Michael Easter is dedicated to imparting his profound insights on peak performance and mental resilience, making him an invaluable addition to any event seeking to inspire and educate its attendees on living optimally. Enquire now to book Michael Easter as a speaker and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving peak performance in both personal and professional realms.

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