Stephen McDonnell

Global Managing Director at Live Unbound, Adjunct Lecturer at Munster Technological University & Ambassador of One Young World

  • Former Associate Faculty Member at the Irish Management Institute
  • Former Lead Structural Engineer at Arup
  • High Performance Coach for Eli Lilly, Everseen AI, PUNCH Engineers, VHI Healthcare, Cranston

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Stephen McDonnell is a pioneer in human, team, and organisational performance, best known for fulfilling the role of Global Managing Director at Live Unbound. With over 10 years of professional industry experience behind him, he has become highly experienced in exploring the edges of people’s capabilities and pushing people’s mental and physical resilience to the extremes. Treasured throughout the industry, Stephen has recently gained the chance to make a positive difference at industry-leading organisations such as Eli Lilly, Everseen AI, PUNCH Engineers, VHI Healthcare, Cranston, and many more. When looking to hire a transformative speaker to attend your future events, do not hesitate in booking Stephen today.

Beginning his professional career at Arup in 2011, Stephen spent 5 years developing his industry knowledge and experience, allowing him to fulfil the renowned role of Lead Structural Engineer. Alongside this role, he was also working as a Sky Academy Mentor to educate professionals beginning their career journey. Determined to advance in his career, Stephen returned to university to gain Diplomas in Intercultural Communication, Profession Leadership, and Executive Coaching. Recognising the importance of a hard-working mentality to achieve success within the workplace, Stephen secured the role of Associate Faculty Member at the Irish Management Institute and delivered leadership, high performing culture, and team development sessions to guests at a wide range of their events.

A leading authority in his field, Stephen is currently working as the proud Global Managing Director at Live Unbound, helping organisations develop a strategy to execute high performance and increase leadership capabilities. Alongside this position, he is also working as an Adjunct Lecturer of team and leader effectiveness at Munster Technological University. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in life, his unique outlook on high performance has inspired a culture of excellence throughout the community. Prized for his experience working within highly competitive contexts, Stephen has spent the past 9 years working as an Ambassador of One Young World and continues to ignite positive change throughout the entirety of society.

A renowned high performance specialist, Stephen McDonnell is now highly sought-after to attend a wide range of events internationally. Treasured for identifying the competitive advantages that organisations can infiltrate, he has been selected to work coach professionals such as Dr Ruth Wageman and Professor Peter Hawkins to seek success in all areas of their careers. From coaching elite sports teams to industry-leading corporate departments, his unique thinking is in high demand throughout multiple industries. When looking to hire a captivating workplace culture specialist to inspire audiences at your event, look no further than Stephen today.

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